Friday, June 21, 2024

Project Management

One of the key components to any successful project is the level of detail addressed during the project from start to completion. We realize that without proper care throughout the entire duration of the project that it is easy for it to drift away from the schedule or encounter unexpected issues and potentially additional cost.

New Line Project Process

  • Project Manager will be assigned to review the entire scope of the project and continue regular correspondence during and beyond completion of the project.
  • Build a project team of technicians, project manager(s), and client contacts
  • Coordinate a project kickoff meeting- Review and coordinate with General Contractor schedule, determine restrictions, determine restrictions, review environment and specific requirements for each area, identify any changes to scope, acquire all project plans and drawings, and establish priority schedule
  • Obtain any building permits and schedule inspections if necessary
  • Order all materials and continually track delivery to assure schedule is not impacted
  • Perform weekly status meetings- review construction process, address any issues encountered that may impact schedule or require client intervention, provide solutions when applicable
  • Establish a project closeout- ensure complete system testing, assemble and turn over as-built documentation, and provide required deliverables
  • New Line Communications creates Preliminary As-Built Drawing in advance to the cable installation so we are able to anticipate unforeseen issues before they become problems.  This process also enhances the close-out documentation lead time.


Managing the communications components within your enterprise can be a huge undertaking. There are many systems that are connected via complex cable infrastructures with numerous re configurations or technology refresh initiatives making it even more difficult to manage.

At New Line Communications, we understand connectivity better than anyone – we’ve been very successful at specializing in wired and wireless infrastructure solutions and can help you identify and document your IT assets and the cabling that tie it all together.  We adhere to BISCI ANSI/TIA-606-B Labeling Standards with all projects.

New Line Communications will provide complete close-out documentation for all projects including all Certified Test Results (Utilizing the Latest Test Equipment on the Market) and Project As-Built drawing depicting station designation, cable pathways, closet layout and termination point designation and backbone cabling.